Top 5 Tshirt Platforms I’m Using To Make Money

There are tons of tshirt POD platforms nowadays which are owned by different companies. All of them are the same process of making money online selling tshirt which I already mentioned here but each platform has their own unique products or market. When I started doing tshirt business, there were only shirts, long sleeves, hoodies and mugs. But now everything has changed. The range of products was expanded. Now you can see people are selling not only shirts and mugs but also clock, hat, doormat, color changing mug, tote bag, necklace, v…v.

Why I use so many platforms like that?

Because each platform fits my purpose. Like only Viralstyle has clock, Teespring has doormat, Gearbubble has custom upload image printing v…v.

Promoting unique products helps me avoid competition. They are more difficult for other sellers to spy and copy my campaign. So that my success rate increases. People are seeing shirts and mugs everyday, 10 times a day so they are bored. When seeing a new type of products, the engagements are better thus bigger chance to get sale.

Top 5 Tshirt Platforms I’m Using


Teespring is an US company which was founded by Walker Williams and Evan Stites-Clayton in 2011. This platform was the giant before but now a lot of competitors appear. Many sellers were move from Teespring to other platforms mostly because of their base cost.

But I love Teespring and still use it for now mostly because they have huge organic traffic and a good reputation. They also have a great marketing system which helps seller like me get a lot of sales for doing nothing. They have traffic from coming back customers, email marketing, intergrated with some big markets like Walmart, Ebay and Amazon which they call “boosted network”.

Honestly most sales I’m getting these days are from their boosted network. Just put keyword to title, description and a good design then boom, sales are coming in.


I’ve started working with this platform since Jan, 2017. I found it very high potential selling wall clock but no platforms has except for Viralstyle. So I created the design, upload to Viralstyle and started promoting it. Then boom I sold thousands of wall clocks.

Another thing I love from this platform is that the CEO of the company – Thomas Bell is a funny guy and professional. Their support is quick and helpful.


I use this platform because at that time Gearbubble was the only one platform which has color changing (magic) mug. It sells good because it’s new and great. Their base cost is also good. But the only thing I don’t like of them is they only allow you to upload file maximum 5MB so you have to reduce your quality of image.

Btw it’s still a great platform and the CEO – Donald Wilson is a great guy

. He answers all of sellers’s questions quickly.


This Paris-based platform is founded by Charles Dilasser. I love them because they are good for European market. They have a good shipping cost and time to European countries. They also help seller to translate the quotes from English to French, German, Italian……

They also allow you to choose so many colors and types of shirts as you want. The support is quite fast and good. I only choose this platform to sell non-English design.


I just used this platform a couple of months ago. Now Teechip is the biggest platform as I know because so many big sellers are working here. Their base cost and support are great for seller. That’s why so many big seller love them.

I came here because they have hat and just try to gain more profit. So not much information about this platform

All of those platforms above are quickly payment, normally 1-2 days so you don’t have to worry about your budget to run Facebook ads.

Choose one or use all – it’s depend on you


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3 Comments on “Top 5 Tshirt Platforms I’m Using To Make Money”

  1. Great article but are you sure make more than 10 dollar from tshirt bcos merche by Amazon give about 33% if you choose 17 dollar for tshirt that mean you will earn about 5.3$

    1. Yes you can make more than 10 dollars and even more per shirt if you use Platform like Teechip, Viralstyle or Teezily (because their base cost is not high and they don’t take taxes like Merch by Amazon). For Merch by Amazon I suggest you set the price higher. I always set my price to $24.99

  2. How much does one need to spend on advertising? Getting friends and family to buy your stuff won’t cut it, although the various platforms will make a few bucks. If millions of hopefuls offer up their designs, the platforms might do very well, but the individuals will make very little. How can buyers find your great design on these platforms if you don’t spend money on marketing?

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