How To Install Windows on Vultr VPS

I think  most people love to use Windows on VPS for running tools purpose like me. Because it has interface and easy to use. With Vultr VPS, you can use Windows Server 2012 when deploying but it costs a lot, up to $23 per month for 1GB RAM VPS

Today I will show you how to install Windows on your VPS through Custom ISO feature. This trick will save you a lot of money.

I’ve already tried and got successful. So you just need to pay $5 per month for a 1GB RAM VPS.

You can choose any version of Windows OS among Windows 7 (x32/x64), Windows 10 (x32/x64) and Windows Server 2012 but I recommend Windows 7 for the best performance.

1. Prepare Windows 7 ISO

You have to get a Windows ISO file. Don’t worry I have them here. You can visit here to download which version you want. I tested these file so they are all set.

Because Vultr doesn’t allow you to upload directly so right after getting the ISO file, you have to upload it to a remote server and then get the direct link.

2. Upload ISO file to Vultr

First go to Vultr then login to your account. You will see this VPS Management page like below:

To upload ISO file to Vultr, switch to the ISO tab, click Add ISO blue button then paste the direct link you have prepared to the Upload ISO from remote machine and click Upload.

Wait for a short time for the file to be uploaded. When you see the status is Available with the correct size then head over the the step 3.

At this time, Vultr has limited each account could only upload 2 ISO files. If you want to add more you have to delete the old one.

3. Create VPS with ISO file

After successfully uploading ISO file, click the blue plus button on the top of the right of your screen to create Windows VPS. See more how to create VPS at Vultr.

Choose your desired Server Location, Package. Server Type you choose Upload ISO and select the ISO file that you have uploaded at step 2.

Finally hit the Deploy Now blue button to create the server.


  • Vultr has 3 type of servers: Compute Instance (optimized performance, recommended), Storage Instance (bigger storage but lower performance) and Dedicated Instance (big resource) for you to choose. All can install Windows.
  • Location: Should choose location near your traffic location.
  • Server Size: should choose server which has at least 1GB RAM

4. Installing Windows

Wait until the status of VPS changed to Running with no more yellow notice in Server Information management page then click the View Console button

In case of error when mounting the ISO file, View console will show this notice below:

In the Server Information page, click Settings button, Custom ISO and and Mount the ISO file from the beginning.

The Windows 7 Installing Screen show up, click Next and then Install Now

Choose Custom (advanced)

Select Load Driver

Click Browse and head over the VirtiO_HocVPS folder

Select all driver in the list then click Next (you have to choose all driver so that the hard drive would be appeared)

Then click Next

The following steps will be installed normaly

After finish installing, the Windows 7 screen will be appeared like this

So you have done.

Some notes when using VPS:

  • Use Remote Desktop to connect to your VPS.
  • Turn off firewall and then restart your VPS.
  • Configure some small settings like 16 bit Colors and Windows Classic Mode for faster loading VPS.

Hope you will love it!

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