How Do I Make Money Selling Tshirt Online

At the beginning of 2015, one of my friends visited me from another city. He told me that he was doing tshirt business and making a lot of money. I didn’t believe until he showed me his balance from his Paypal account. I was so surprised because at that time he made more than $5k every month while my salary was just about $500.

Then I asked him to guide me but he did not have so much time so I decided to learn myself. Luckily there was a Facebook group of some entrepreneurs in my country which were doing the same so I joined and learned from them.

At that time, there were not so many tshirt sellers like nowadays and also a few tshirt platforms. Tshirt platforms are websites which let you upload your own designs then give you an unique link. You then promote that link to people who interested in and if they place an order, those platforms will print and ship the shirt to your customer. It’s some kind of affiliate but you put your creativity on it, that maybe means you created the product. I don’t care which is called but only care how much money I could earned lol.

Teespring and Sunfrog were 2 giant platforms when I started my tshirt career. Today there are more platforms rising but Teespring and Sunfrog are still the big, which gain so much traffic every month.

They are easy to use, create campaign quickly. The hardest part of the job is how do you drive traffic to the exact customer and make money.

The most popular and effective way to drive traffic to your tshirt campaign is Facebook Ads. All tshirt sellers I know are using this beast. Why? Because Facebook is famous. All people are on Facebook everyday and their ad system can help you target the right audience. And the one thing I like Facebook ads is that you don’t need to spend a large amount of money to test. Just a small budget like $5-10$ then 1-2 day you will know which campaign is good or bad. So I think this business is low risk.

And when your customer purchase your shirt, profit shows up in your account balance immediately and when the campaign is ended (you choose the date) then you can request your money to Paypal or Payoneer account the withdraw for you personal needs. All may takes only a few days. Sound interesting right?

So how do I make money with tshirt business in simple steps:

  1. Use Photoshop to design as .PNG transparent file.
  2. Upload that PNG to Teespring or Sunfrog or any platforms you like.
  3. Take the destination URL that platforms gave you and use Facebook Ads to promote
  4. Receive money to your Paypal and Payoneer account

Nowadays It’s more difficult to make money than before because so many people are involved in. Those steps are remain but you have to focus on your design. A good design will sell and the bad will fail.

Honestly, if you are a beginner this time is not the best time to join because it’s so competitive but if you have a good creativity you still have a chance to be a millionaire. I’ve seen so many people like this.


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