Earning Money With Teespring Without Investment

Yes, you heard that right. Without any investment, not a single dime. Sound weird and crazy right? But it’s true. Teespring is a great place for you to make a fortune on t-shirt business. Let’s see why and how you can do this below.

First, let’s have a look at one of my account’s summary which is totally free traffic.

I separated into 2 accounts. One only from Ads and the other only from free marketing. The profit above is for around 1 year if you ask. It’s not a big money but hey it’s free.

Free here means you don’t need to pay for anything but you have to invest a decent amount of work and time. With free traffic, you don’t need to worry about ad account, how many percent of ROI you would get (because it’s infinity lol). Just focus on idea, design and collect money.

Why Teespring is a great place?

Let’s have a look at its statistic:

Despite the face that Teespring now has so many competitors but it’s still great. There are more than 11 millions of people visit Teespring per month, that means nearly 400,000 visit per day. And because of many sellers don’t run Ads for Teespring campaigns then those visitors come mostly from search.

And where do their customers from?

Almost from rich countries in the world. You may notice there has Viet Nam but they are sellers not buyers. So you can see the potential here. You upload your designs to Teespring. People come from search engine like Google or Bing, or even through Teespring search bar. They search for something they like and find your shirt (or mug, poster…..). Boom you get a sale. Sound reasonable right?

Yes, it is absolutely true. Because it’s what I’ve done for years. I just find a niche. Create a design. Upload to Teespring and wait for sales roll in. Teespring has a great system to help you boost your sales.

You can read more about their system here.

But according to my experiences, Teespring bring your designs to some big markets like Amazon, Ebay and Walmart. And when your design get sale, Teespring charge a fee to list on those markets and the rest is your profit (after deduct base cost). The fact that you only got a small profit for those sales but who cares, it’s free money. And you may have a chance to get a lot of sales there.

How To Make Money With Teespring

OK so you can see a great potential, but how to do it?

First you need to create an account. This is a very simple step. Just go to their homepage and sign up for an account. Then you need to add your payment method. There are 2 options for you to choose between Paypal and Payoneer.

Next is the harder part.

How to find idea for designing

This is the most important part. Idea can decide up to 99% of your success. If you hit the right idea, you will get sale. A lot of sales I may say. Ideas are everywhere around you. From TV news and meme.

I always find my idea from this sources below:

1. Google Trends

No doubt, Google trend is the biggest source for idea. Everything that people all over the world searches are shown up here. If they are looking for some shirts to buy then it’s a chance for us.

Ok now let’s find what they are searching:

First go to the Google Trend page.

In the search bar (Explore Topic) type “shirt” then hit Enter button to explore.

I always want to find the newest and I target the American so I set the settings like this below

You can select another countries or even Worldwide region and another timing like past 7 days….. for bigger results. It’s all up to you.

Then scroll down a little bit you’ll see the “Related queries”. These are what people are searching related to “shirt” term.

As you can see, there are many queries about “shirt”. Next, you need to search those queries on Google to see what they are. If there is no place online have that shirt, just put the query (quote) to your shirt and upload to Teespring (but don’t forget to check trade mark).

Note: You can search for “hoodie”, “tanktop”, “mug” ….. everything you can imagine. Got it? OKAY

2. News

News may be a very wide range of topic but I only focus on some big rallies in the United States. And mostly about the president of the United States. You may notice that last year there were some big marchs. Women’s March was held in January and March for Science was held in April.

They are huge. Millions of people were walking in the roads. And they brought a lot of signs to spread their thought. And those signs are our ideas.

And here is the March for Science

You see? Hundreds of ideas there. Just follow some big press on Facebook, Twitter or read newspaper you will catch up these trend in time.

Such a nasty woman” was a phrase used by 2016 American presidential candidate Donald Trump referring to opponent Hillary Clinton during the third presidential debate. The phrase made worldwide news and became a viral call for some women voters and has also launched a feminist movement by the same name. Then people made up so many shirts around the famous phrase “nasty woman”. One of them is

At the end of July 2017, Rep. Maxine Waters has been the reigning meme queen of the Trump administration. She redirected Mr. Mnuchin to her question again and again with the phrase “Reclaiming my time,”. That phrase quickly became a catchphrase for commentary on the Trump administration, racism, misogyny, and other progressive issues.

And then so many shirts around this phrase shown up as usual. Let’s see this example

This shirt sold 58 units. Not bad.

Just put the phrase on shirt and you will get sale because of the viral of the phrase.

3. Meme sites

My 2 favorite meme sites is 9gag and Reddit. Yoy may know these sites because they are too popular.

I surf 9gag everyday for fun and sometimes I catch up something like this

A lot of people upvote and comment so it may become a viral shirt.

And on Reddit, I also surf the frontpage and the funny subreddit to find if there is something hot. But there are many things that not related to what I want to find so I do a little quick search.

Just type “shirt” into the search bar then filter like this

With this filter you will see the most upvoting post within 24 hours related about “shirt”. You can change the query and the timing for bigger results.

Now you have a lot of ideas to work. It’s time to create designs and upload to Teespring

Designing and Uploading

I use Photoshop CS6 mostly to create my designs. I don’t go too much details on this step. You need to learn some basic skills. It’s not that hard. My text-only design sell well so don’t worry if you are not expert in designing. No need to hire any designers. Go to Youtube and learn some skills.

Please be sure to make a blank page like this below to produce the highest quality for your shirt

You need to prepare a transparent PNG to upload to Teespring.

OK now go to Teespring. Click the “Start Designing” button.

Choose Apparel to upload shirt.

Select default color for your shirt then click “Art” button. Click “Upload your own” then browse for your design to upload.

Wait for a few minutes for fully loading your design. Then click “Sell this” button.

Then you will be redirected to the Price & Color page.

Change the Target Sale from 50 to 1. Choose colors and styles as you want (maximum 16 colors for all styles and colors) then click Next.

Here you need to fill in Title, Description and URL to create your campaign.

You need to optimize your Title, Description and URL to maximize your chance to get to the top of search engines. Here’s how:


Your campaign title is the most important element you should focus on optimizing.  Creating a unique, descriptive campaign title is a great way to help shoppers find your products. But in my experience, you just put your quote which appeared in your design to the Title. Remember the title is limited to 40 characters


You campaign description can help convert shoppers into buyers and make your products more discoverable within Teespring’s Marketplace. When writing a description try to include content that is relevant to the design. Also, use phrasing that could help a shopper self-identify with your design theme.

I recommend keeping your description short and concise as well—don’t add loads of text or random keywords and hashtags as this will make your listing appear spammy.

Because I am a bit lazy so I copy exact the quote on the shirt then add something like types and colors.


It’s good to customize campaign URLs with relevant keywords. If you don’t want to add the product’s name to the URL make sure to add at least one or two keywords.

Category and Campaign length are not necessary. You can leave them alone.

So here is my example:

Finally, click the “Launch” button. Wait for a minute to get your shirt’s URL

All done. It’s time to ping search engines to get noticed about your URL.

Ping Search engines to get indexed

Go to: https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/submit-url

Place your URL there and submit

Or you could use some ping tool like pingfarm and ping-o-matic.

Everything is done and all set. If you find the right idea you will get sale in a very short time. Do this everyday then you will get a very large amount of designs and I think you will get a decent money per month.


Editor’s Note: As of this time December, 2018 Google stops indexing website by using Webmaster Submit URL. But don’t worry you still can get your shirt page indexed but with a very small investment. You may try some indexing service like EliteLinkindexer (recommended) or OneHourIndexing or even send some backlinks and social signals to your URL


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  1. what if i have 1000 design on teespring , each 100 design for a specific niche, how much sales i may get daily ? what do u think , can i get at least 2 sales per day ? more ? just give me an approximation.Thanks !!

    1. It depends on how competitive is your niche and how good is your design. Choose a specific niche which is not competitive or follow the trend. 2 sales per day is not difficult if you focus on choosing niche and make a great design. But if you have so many designs like that I would suggest you try Merch by Amazon and Redbubble.

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