Best Link Indexing Service 2019 (Tested & Working)

Back in the middle of 2018 where we could easily submit our URLs to this tool from Google to get them indexed in minutes.

But not anymore. At July, 2018 Google announced that they has stopped their Public URL Submission to it’s search index. This is what they said at that time:

I don’t know why they had to do that but I think it could be because of prevent spamming. They don’t want trillions of unwanted links to be indexed. They need to control through Webmasters tool.

I still remember when I could index any link I want with just only a couple of minutes and less work.

Works every time for me. I can say the success rate is nearly 100%. But because of all my links are parasites which have high metrics and authorities. As the owner said, the success rate depend on the type of links you submitted. If they come from Web 2.0, it could be more than ninety percent. But if they are spammy sites, the success rate could be only 20%.

But time changes and we have to move on.

Right now we still can index our own website’s links easily through sitemap and Google fetching tool on Webmaster area. But how about our backlinks that we created outside. Or some Web 2.0 properties and even guest posts? We don’t have permission to control those domains we don’t own.

Don’t worry! The answer is simple. It is Link Indexing Service.

If you come to Google and search the phrase “link indexing service”, you will see results like this below

There are tons of providers in this industry. I’ve never tested all of them listed above but I stick with only one since July, 2018.

It’s Elite Link Indexer. Why? Because it was my first try lol. No secrets here. But it satisfied me all the time so it is my only choice till now. This service is providing by the guy from Blackhatworld. I am an active member there so I found it while surfing BHW.

It’s so cheap! It may not be the cheapest in the marketplace but I can afford it.

Let’s have a look at its price.

Only ten bucks for 10k URLs per month which means 330 URLs per day. If you are not going to spam or create thousands of links for any purposes then this is reasonable. The most interesting thing is if you don’t use full 10k URLs per month you can request them to extend your time of using to be 2 or 3 months with only $10 (that means $3 per month). You can do it through their Contact Page. I already did that in the past which help me save some money. That’s cool right?

The success rate is high. I’ve never check all links I’ve submitted (because it’s too many) but I check randomly and all of them were indexed.

I don’t know exactly how long from the submission to the time they get indexed but I can surely tell you it’s within 24 hours.

I don’t know how they do to get my links indexed but honestly I don’t care. I just want to see if they are indexed or not and the results always satisfy me.

Last but not least, their UI is user-friendly. It’s super easy to use and make payment (through Paypal). You can setup automatically subscriptions to make payment every month without touching your hands. But remember to cancel subscriptions if you don’t want to use it anymore.

OK so I just want to share you what actually works for me. I have no affiliate with them (they seems not to have affiliate programs) so you can trust me.


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